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Pet Friendly stores in Calgary

Updated: May 29, 2020

There are many pet-friendly stores in Calgary that you can take your dog for some additional training, check out my piece with CBC Radio talking about what options you have during this cold snap!

There are some things to consider before you take your four-legged friend out to these locations though. When you take your dog out to a public area ensure you follow some rules of courtesy:

  1. Your dog needs to remain on a four to six-foot leash instead of a retractable leash

  2. If your dog is reactive or aggressive or easily excited, it’s probably to leave them at home

  3. Avoid letting people pet your dog, it can teach behaviours you want to discourage

  4. If your dog likes to mark territory, use a doggie diaper

  5. And in that territory, always clean up after your furry friend

Socializing dogs is extremely important; a lot of people think it is strictly just playing with other dogs but it is way more than that! Socializing a dog is to teach them to be calm in all environments, including novel ones and to focus on their handler.

A well-socialized dog is a dog that ignores their environment! If your dog is at the end of their leash uncontrolled, you cannot take them out to public places and you’re likely going to leave them at home a lot more than a dog who is calm and neutral to their environment.

Some Pet-Friendly stores around Calgary include:

  1. Pet Stores (Petsmart, Petland, Pet Valu)

  2. Winners / Marshals / Home Sense

  3. Michael’s Craft Store

  4. Urban Barn

  5. Canadian Tire

  6. Lee Valley Tools

  7. Cold Garden Brewery

  8. Bass Pro Shop

  9. Cabela’s

  10. Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack

  11. Holt Renfrew

  12. Most liquor stores (Excluding co-op)

  13. Banks

  14. Atmosphere (MEC is not pet friendly)

  15. The Camera Store

  16. Lululemon

  17. Airport

  18. Garden Centers (Golden Acres/Blue Grass/GreenGate)

Do you have any additional stores that maybe pet friendly? Are you not sure if your dog should be out using these facilities? Feel free to contact us for more information!

Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge has a dog-friendly patio to enjoy some delicious drinks and food with your best friend!

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