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Do you take clients outside of Calgary?

Yes, we can train you no matter where you reside! With our revolutionary programs, we are not confined to the city of Calgary. If you are in a different city, province or country - we can still help you and your dog meet your goals.

What does For Dog's Sake YYC do differently than everyone else?

We have revolutionized dog training! Our programs are designed to help you make the most progress possible! With a ton of research, we base all of our programs on the human side of education. By doing this we ensure you make progress, you understand the in's and out's of what you are doing and you never need to get overwhelmed.

Can you train my dog for me?

Yes, we can! For Dog’s Sake YYC has begun to offer day training and board and trains. Day training is when a trainer comes to your home 2-4 times a week and works directly with your dog. The trainer ensures that your dog is being trained with proper timing and mechanics to help the training accelerate. Board and Train is like summer camp for your dog (and let's face it, you too!) This is when we board your dog for 3 or 4 weeks to really dive into your dogs behaviour and personalise a training plan for the utmost success! All boarding will be held at High Tails Pet Resort It doesn't end there though, while we are training your dog, you will be part of our classroom learning everything as we go! This sets you up for success when you finally take the wheel back. We are currently only offering day training in South Calgary.

Do you guarantee results?

No. There are a large number of variables that can have an effect on training and behaviour modification results, some of which are completely out of our control. We will take an incremental, systematic approach to help mitigate those variables, and we will coach you, if you need it, on the most effective and efficient mechanics for reinforcement-based training. Programs include support via our Classroom along with your individualized training plans to meet your goals.

Do you offer dog walking or dog sitting services?

Sorry, For Dog’s Sake YYC currently does not offer these services. Although, we are able to recommend some great dog walkers and/or pet sitters in Calgary or Surrounding areas.

Are you insured?

Yes! We have insurance through ProFur!

What kind of leash and collar do I need?

For Dog’s Sake YYC recommends training your dog on a flat buckle collar. However – harnesses, martingales and head halters will also be allowed. Please use a 6′ long leash that you are comfortable holding for extended periods. For some of our group outings, you may require a long line for "off-leash" work Retractable leashes (i.e. Flexi-leads), choke and prong collars are not permitted in our classes.

Can I get a refund for my program?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds on training packages or programs. Packages are only valid for the dog they were originally purchased for.


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